Grand Central 114 is not just another Shop-Cum-Office (SCO) complex; it’s an exquisite embodiment of the harmonious blend of traditional charm and the vibrant essence of modern culture. This distinctive project is setting new standards by offering a perfect fusion of global-level amenities and a wealth of local advantages, making it the most coveted commercial space for a multitude of compelling reasons.

In Grand Central 114, you’ll find the ideal platform to showcase your business on a grand scale, ensuring that shoppers have everything at their fingertips with unparalleled efficiency. This SCO format isn’t just a building; it’s a thriving ecosystem enriched with a robust social infrastructure and a steady stream of discerning consumers. It stands as one of the most lucrative opportunities you can seize.

Crafted by visionary architects, Grand Central SCO boasts efficient and spacious retail shops and office outlets. These double-height shops are designed with a low-maintenance module, making them a top choice among those who demand nothing less than the best. The infrastructure is not just competent; it’s awe-inspiring, and the interiors are a testament to unparalleled design.

This commercial property is a category of its own, captivating the hearts of investors with an eye for perfection. Don’t miss the chance to acquaint yourself with Grand Central 114, where the traditional meets the modern, and excellence reigns supreme. It’s more than just an investment; it’s a journey towards unparalleled success and distinction.



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