Microtek Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd. proudly presents Grandfront, the latest addition to our portfolio, offering a revolutionary approach to shopping and propelling your business to unprecedented heights, all within a single, integrated destination. This remarkable and opulent venture by Microtek boasts a plethora of world-class facilities and amenities. GrandFront unveils an array of upscale spaces catering to both retail outlets and businesses within the expansive and dynamic landscape of Gurgaon.

Nestled strategically in the heart of Gurgaon’s Sector 81, GrandFront emerges as the quintessential hub for shopping and business endeavors. This meticulously designed haven seamlessly melds expansive shopping areas with cutting-edge technology, contemporary architecture, and genuine engineering expertise.”

Experience the GrandFront Difference:

  1. A Shopper’s Paradise: GrandFront promises an unparalleled shopping experience, with spacious and futuristic retail spaces that cater to a diverse range of tastes and preferences.
  2. Business Brilliance: Elevate your business to new horizons with the prime commercial spaces within GrandFront, designed to inspire innovation and success.
  3. Prime Location: Situated strategically in Gurgaon’s Sector 81, GrandFront enjoys excellent connectivity and accessibility, making it a prime destination for all.
  4. Architectural Marvel: GrandFront’s design marries modernity and sophistication, creating an architectural masterpiece that stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence.
  5. Technological Edge: We leverage the latest technologies to enhance your shopping and business experience, ensuring seamless operations and convenience.
  6. Luxury Amenities: Experience a life of luxury with the world-class amenities offered within the GrandFront premises, making it a truly exceptional destination.
  7. Endless Opportunities: Whether you’re a shopper looking for the latest trends or a business owner seeking a prime location, GrandFront opens the doors to endless possibilities.

Microtek GrandFront – Redefining Shopping and Business in Gurgaon.

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