Welcome to Imperia Shopping Central (ISC37), the epitome of premium Shop-cum-Office (SCO) spaces in the heart of Gurugram’s vibrant 37C sector. Nestled amidst an unbeatable social infrastructure and a thriving consumer base, ISC37 promises an unmatched commercial experience. Spanning a sprawling 2.83* acres with land ownership, ISC37 stands tall with Ground+4 stories, a basement, top-notch security, ample parking, and terrace rights, making it the ultimate commercial investment destination in Gurugram.

Key Highlights of ISC37:

  1. Prime Location: ISC37 enjoys a strategic location in the heart of Gurugram’s 37C sector, surrounded by the best social infrastructure and a flourishing ecosystem.
  2. Optimal Land Ownership: The project offers an incredible opportunity for investors to own premium commercial property in Gurugram. With 36 meticulously planned Ground+4 SCO plots, ISC37 ensures maximum land ownership benefits.
  3. Versatile Usage: ISC37 is the ideal canvas for various commercial ventures, including brand outlets, salons, gyms, restaurants, bakeries, clinics, banks, co-working spaces, and offices.
  4. Elite Clientele: With numerous residential projects in full swing nearby, ISC-37 is poised to cater to Gurgaon’s elite, fulfilling their social and lifestyle needs.
  5. Excellent Connectivity: The project enjoys seamless connectivity to Dwarka Expressway, ensuring a constant flow of visitors from Delhi and the surrounding areas.
  6. Trendy Architecture: ISC37 boasts trendy architecture and superior landscaping, designed to attract top-quality clientele. The flexible floor plans are suitable for a wide range of commercial activities.

Tailored to Your Vision:

ISC37 is the perfect destination for CA offices, architect firms, dentists, physiotherapists, salons, retail stores of all kinds, high-fashion boutiques, grocery marts, antique shops, modern furniture outlets, spas, wine shops, electronics dealerships, and eateries of every scale. With four variants of SCOs available, you can select the one that aligns best with your vision and requirements.

Location Advantage

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