EBD 89 NXT, aptly named in reference to its strategic location within Emaar Business District 89 (EBD 89), represents a remarkable Shop-Cum-Office space. This property is more than just a space; it’s a gateway to success for businesses in the bustling present-day landscape.

Set against the backdrop of EBD 89, EBD 89 NXT enjoys an enviable location that offers a multitude of advantages to thriving businesses. Its prime positioning is a testament to its potential to propel your business to unprecedented heights. The proximity to EBD 89 ensures a dynamic and thriving environment, with the promise of a steady and significant footfall.

New Gurgaon, where EBD 89 NXT is situated, is already a fertile ground teeming with opportunities for businesses. Here, a flourishing ecosystem is in place to empower and elevate businesses by affording them the visibility they rightfully deserve. EBD 89 NXT isn’t just a space; it’s a catalyst for growth, a place where businesses can thrive and prosper amidst a dynamic and promising landscape.



Location Advantages

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